The Juno Letters

The Juno Letters - Book 1

Letters discovered in a tin box hidden in the foundation of a small cottage in Normandy reveal a terrible secret. Antoine Bouchard's beautiful wife Marianne, his precious daughter Ariéle, missing. The lives of hundreds - perhaps thousands - of allied soldiers preparing to storm Juno Beach on D-Day literally are in his hands. Antoine must choose - to find Marianne and Ariéle, or face Hell even if it means he could lose his family, his only friend, and his life.

Cross of Fire - Book 2

Gela Pientka awoke to the pounding of fists on her parents' door. The Paris roundup had begun - not by the Germans, but their own countrymen. She took a deadly secret to her grave - one that could topple governments and destabilize world currencies. The writer of The Juno Letters has found the trail. They must stop him at any cost. Everyone in their way is expendable. Will they strike before truth be told? Truth is fighting back - fighting to reunite a family ripped apart by the Holocaust, fighting to restore honor - with the Cross of Fire raised against the forces of corruption.

Clan of the Black Sun - Book 3

A mysterious stone of black obsidian holds a magical grip over a clan ripped apart by an ancient curse. The Nazis covet the relic as a weapon of immense power that will lead their armies to victory in the West. The Allies fear rumors of the stone mask a deadly weapon that threatens the invasion of Fortress Europe. The resistance risks annihilation to recover it. The French police and the Gestapo will destroy all in their path to possess it. Caught between rival forces, young Ariéle, the captive ward of the German commander of Paris, holds the key to bind the clan and escape her captors. But as Allied bombers roar overhead, a mysterious stranger is the only one who can save them all from certain destruction.

As Angels Weep - Book 4

Letta held the hands of her two best friends as they stepped off the train. They missed the Girls Home in Berlin, just a smoldering ruin after the night of terror. The rabbi searched the crowd for the couple who promised to shepherd the girls to safety. They fell instead into the Gestapo's trap - only to vanish into the faceless crowd in the confusion. Three young lives spun madly into the Nazi maelstrom, torn apart, surviving only on the slenderest thread of faith. As the Allied armies crept ever closer, and the corrupt Gestapo captain frantically sought their arrest, how could the three angels hope to survive the inescapable cataclysm?

The Scavengers of Graveny Marsh - Book 5

They operate from "The Pit," a secret room beneath the ancient stone stables of Whitstable Castle. This team of experts feeds phony intelligence to the Germans. But Captain Janine Carlisle discovers a frightening secret - a fifth column who call themselves the Scavengers of Graveny Marsh have stumbled upon secret Allied plans for a swimming tank - the Duplex Drive Sherman - ready to go ashore in the first wave of the invasion. Carlisle must stop them before the plans can reach German command. But she learns the Scavengers are planning a diversion - to assassinate General George Patton on the eve of D-Day as he speaks to the troops in nearby Seasalter and in the chaos spirit the plans across the English Channel. Carlisle learns of the plot just as Patton steps to the podium to give "The Speech." The fate of D-Day hangs by a thread with only minutes to spare.

The Madonna Rosa - Book 6

Anisette Durande is La Guardienne, the blessed protecter of the Madonna Rosa carved from the crucifix of a Christian martyr. Obsessed with its occult power, Himmler orders his death squads to hunt her down and retrieve the ancient idol. Anisette begs a young British soldier to hide the Madonna as he flees the German blitzkrieg for a ship on the Brittany coast. He promises to return the Madonna - someday, somehow - but she lies tortured and near death in Citadel Vauban off the Brittany coast. Does La Guardienne have the power to bring the maquis factions together in Brittany to overthrow their German masters? Can Sid Woodard bluff his way through the German lines to rescue her? And what has become of the Madonna - missing in the greatest naval catastrophe in British history?

The Shadow's Speed - Book 7

As war engulfs Europe German archeologists uncover a mysterious energy source buried deep in a cave in the Swabian Alb. Desperate to reverse the tide of war back in Germany's favor, Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler orders the SS to turn the Holenlicht into a weapon at any cost. The American OSS is equally determined to discover its secrets and avoid catastrophe for the Allied armies. A scientist's journal holds the only truth - even decades later can it hold the superpowers at bay as they race to discover its secrets?

The Bishop's Ring - Book 8

It was Monique's voice - desperate, terrified, pleading for help. But Captain Alexander Kennedy disappeared fifty years ago. How could he be the killer? Yet here he was - in Belgium. He demands the return of the Bishop's Ring or she will be the first to die. It began innocently enough as a hunt for the enigmatic Dao Chu Imperial Jade stolen by the Nazis. It has exploded into a desperate race to stop a psychopath. Lost in the grip of the ring's power the writer of The Juno Letters teeters on the edge, staring into the blackness of the perfect void.

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