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Letters discovered in a tin box hidden in the foundation of a small cottage in Normandy reveal a terrible secret. The lives of hundreds - perhaps thousands - of Allied soldiers preparing to storm Juno Beach on D-Day literally are in the hands of a common fisherman.

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The restored B17 shown is one of a handful of the bombers dubbed "The Flying Fortress" that remain in service. Nazi Germany was bombed extensively from 1941 through the last days of the war in 1945 first by the Royal Air Force then by the U.S. Army's 8th Air Force after America entered the war. The objective was to destroy the German war machine, but the cost in planes and crews was horrific. Historians and military strategists debate the effectiveness of the allied strategic bombing campaign.

We have culled the tonnage and casualty records from historical archives and built a MySQL database that can reveal subtle clues to help in this debate. You are welcome to view and make standard queries against the data. A complete version of the database is available at right.

Editor's note - This small site is generating a lot of traffic. I am a little surprised at how many people return and find this useful. I write historical fiction and use this to collaborate my research. I hope you find new and useful ways to use these reports. Thank you for visiting ... L.W. Hewitt, author of The Juno Letters series.

Standard Reports:
Tonnage by Year/Month with USAAF casualty figures
Tonnage by Year and Target Type with sub-queries to break out each year by month, and links to tonnage by target types, all years
Tonnage by Country with sub-queries to break out each year by month, and links to tonnage by country, all years
Total Tonnage with links to chart and CSV views

Search Forms, with Row/Column, chart, and CSV file views:
Search Targets by Type - Month/Year Detail shown by Country
Search Targets by Type - Month/Year Detail shown in Aggregate

United States Strategic Bombing Survey Summary Report - This is the government report on the effectiveness of the strategic bombing campaign published in September, 1945. It has been reformatted and saved in PDF foramt.
Click on the database icon above and download the complete MySQL database. Every effort has been made to transcribe the data accurately, but no warranty is expressed or implied. Different historical sources may have conflicting data. This data is freely available to the public, but compiled here for convenience. You assume all risk using this file and its data.

Source: www.wwiiarchives.net